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Songs of Hope & Freedom

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1. They Called Her Moses
2. Journey (Part 1)
3. To da Darlin' Day
4. Journey (Part 2)
5. I Been in the Storm So Long
6. Finale
7. Walk Together Children
8. Hold On
9. By n' By
10. Let Me Fly
11. Sing Everyone, Sing Me
12. Away in a Manger
13. Dormi, Dormi O Bel Bambin
14. Why Can't We Have Christmas the Whole Year Around
Last summer Bella Voce was asked by an anonymous donor to record our highly successful performance of Robert De Cormier’s cantata They Called Her Moses. Even though it seemed like a daunting project at first - both time and money-wise, we jumped at the chance to bring together all the pieces that Robert has written and re-arranged for Bella Voce. Money was quickly raised by folks who believed this was a great idea too and we were off and running! Now we are proud to announce that They Called Her Moses and several more arrangements by De Cormier have been collected in our new recording to be released May 17, 2014 titled Songs of Hope and Freedom: The Choral Music of Robert De Cormier for Women's Voices. Read the following beautiful testimonial from Noel Paul Stookey of the popular folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary. Robert De Cormier was their Music Director for several years and they remain good friends.
"Whether sprung from sorrow or joy, songs of conscience are cries of the soul. This most recent choral presentation of DeCormier writings and arrangements, addressing the significant social impact of Harriet Tubman's life, is an exceptional example of passion - inexpressible by words alone - translated movingly into shared melody. Thank you Robert for this, your living gift; and for decades of sensitivity and profound musical insight. Your creativity and counsel continually remind us that music is an inspired celebration; bringing both audience and performer to a meeting place of discovery and wonder. Peter, Mary and I are forever in awe of your talent and deeply honored to share your commitment to the issues of justice and equity in the world.
Noel Paul Stookey - Peter, Paul and Mary"
Produced and Engineered by Peter Engisch, Ad Astra Recording - Williston, Vermont
Editing Preparation: Dawn Willis
Design and Layout: Vikki Day
Booklet Editing: Nan O'Leary, Sylvia Robison

Recorded in May, July and December, 2013 at First Baptist Church, Burlington, Vermont; Elley-Long Music Center, Colchester, Vermont.
Listen to samples and purchase online at:
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