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"Each concert is a surprising precious jewel by itself.  Your themes bring in outstanding ways to communicate joyously.  You all contribute to a musical masterpiece.  Thank you again and again."

Caroline Edmunds

“Superior voices conjugated with great passion."

Henry Weinstock

“This is my first time coming to a concert and won't be the last! A serene way to spend an evening."

Emily Lyons

“It is great to experience sublime music in a warm and friendly manner that includes new combinations and creative interpretations."

Dr & Mrs. Wiegman

“I love Bella Voce. It is how I start the holiday season."

Maris Brayfield Kittell

“Every concert is an absolute joy. Bella Voce is a Vermont treasure!!!"

Kristin Peterson

“Top notch singing and a joy to listen to."

Roxann Nickerson

“The blend of voices took my breath away - just beautiful!"

Kathleen Kono

“Heavenly voices from Heaven to Vermont and the world."

Carol Miller

“We look forward to Bella Voce performances to enrich our daily lives."

Sam Swanson

“Only angels singing MIGHT sound more beautiful than Bella Voce."

Elise Eaton

Are you a fan of Bella Voce?    

We invite you to add your own testimonial to our testimonial page.  Simply email ayour brief testimonial to info@bellavocevt.org and please be sure to include your full name. Bella Voce reserves to right to choose testimonials that will appear on this page. 

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